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This online shop is to bring quality handmade products at accessible prices and moreover to serve and satisfy your feelings of uniqueness, aesthetics and beauty. So I will try my best to fulfill these wishes of yours!

Requests on Sold Items!

Usually I do not create the same things! This is because I believe that every item is unique for me when I create it and unique for you when you wear it! Additionally it gives me the possibility to experiment on new materials and to try different color combinations! Thus you have always the opportunity here to see something different, maybe “better”, maybe “worse” but for sure fresh and exclusive!

In case you believe that an already sold item suits you more than anything else or it was made for you but you were too late, then we can give it a try!


All prices listed are in USD.

You can pay via PayPal by clicking on the button “BUY NOW!”, if you have a PayPal account. Otherwise you can pay with your debit or credit card by clicking again on the button “BUY NOW!” (no need for PayPal account) and then choosing “Don’t have a PayPal account” (the instructions will lead you to “Check out”).

However if you buy from GREECE, it would be better to contact me before your purchase because Bank transfer is also possible.


All items are shipped from Greece with the national port registered (that means in case of loss the parcel is traceable due to its tracking number).

Priority or express shipping is also possible when you contact me before your purchase and payment!

Shipping duration approximately:

Europe: 5 working days

Worldwide: 10 working days
Shipment comes 2 days after item’s payment.

All items are delivered in parcels according to item’s size, e.g. for a scarf is needed a large parcel. Shipping costs are:

XLarge parcel:            29USD

Large parcel:               18 USD

Medium parcel:           13 USD

Small parcel:                11 USD

Refunds and Exchanges

I exchange any mistaken item you may receive without additional shipping charges.

I refund any damaged item with the following preconditions:
1. with notification within 2 weeks of its receipt (contact me by email)
2. and is sent back to me within 1 month of its receipt.

I DO NOT exchange or refund items damaged by misuse.

Additional Policies and FAQs

All items are hand-felted by me with wool, silk and textiles such as cotton, viscose etc. Stitching is used only where and when it is absolutely necessary!

Handmade products are unique and therefore difficult for two items to be identical. In case of an exchange of a damaged item, either you can choose a different item or I can try my best to make something similar to it.

All photos are also made by me. I try to give an overall image of each item and a detailed description of it. However, there are always factors such as the display of colors on different monitors, which can distort the real colors of the item.

Thank you!

For further questions please contact:

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