felted flowers in the making

QaraQul is back and continues to share with all of you the little tricks on how felted flowers are made! This cute orange flower is made from extra-fine merino wool with the wet felting technique! Take a look at our video and spread the fun!

~ Special thanks to my wonderful Partner for the photos!
~ Music by Digby Jones “Pina Colada”

felted pebbles in the making

With the motto “felt whatever on your way” I started two summers ago to look around and imagine what could possibly become my next target for felting. Spending plenty of my daytime on the beach I realised how differently these white pebbles would look with a bit of color! Recognizing their natural beauty and design, from that day on I started to collect round, small-sized pebbles with a smooth surface. Their innate versatility and shape could produce a beautiful decorative result for exterior and interior spaces, especially by adding texture and color through felting.

For these pebbles I used different colors of Australian merino wool in band, attaching it primarily on them with the needle felting technique. Each pebble was wrapped around with at least three layers of wool, each layer of wool was then affixed with the needle. When the wool was firm on the pebbles I filled a small bucket with soapy warm-hot water. I sank the pebble into it and when it was completely soaked, I took it out and started to rub it with a plastic wrap. At the beginning softly and later harder, up to the point that the wool was completely affixed on the pebble. Afterwards I rinsed the pebble changing between warm and cold water. The whole process contributes in shrinking and fixating the wool in an irreversible way to create a surface that can’t be separated from the pebble.

The outcome is a soft, colorful, stylish and environmentally-friendly product which can have numerous applications indoors or outdoors.

~ Special thanks to my wonderful Partner for the photos!
~ Music by Morcceba “Undress me now”

nuno felted scarf -infinity- in the making

In this video I show the result of an unfinished ‘infinity’ scarf made of chiffon silk and merino wool using the nuno-felting technique. The next step is to finish the scarf by pouring on it warm soapy water and rubbing it covered with a thin plastic.

Hope it will turn out looking good since the scarf is 230cm which means a lot of work and inconvenience! 🙂

~ Special thanks to my wonderful Partner for the video!
~ Music by ES Posthumus “Nara”

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