chiffon scarf -lavender-

chiffon scarf -lavender-

chiffon scarf -lavender-

Lavender violet color in a ethereal chiffon scarf primed for you who search for an exceptional and delicate gift for a unique occasion and for your beloved ones.

IMG_8334    IMG_8325

The scarf is finely woven, light-weighted and its violet transparent surface allows the color of your top to be partly visible and combined with a contrasting color can give an enchanting effect.

This delicate shawl measures 205 cm (80.7 in) length and 48 cm (18.8 in) width and its hem is hand rolled.

IMG_8433    IMG_8411

Although simple, a classical wrap which will add elegance to your most plain outfit. Indulge yourself with a sophisticated and exquisite shawl, ideal for any occasion!

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