nuno felted scarf -Nostalgia-

nuno felted scarf -Nostalgia-

nuno felted scarf -Nostalgia-

I would like to speak in Greek now. / Nα μιλήσουμε και λίγο ελληνικά τώρα.
The next song describes an emotion that I am quite familiar with, because I have been gone for many years from the place I was born, Kalamata, Greece. / Το επόνενο κομμάτι περιγράφει ένα συναίσθημα το οποίο έχω αισθανθεί πολλές φορές στη ζωή μου επειδή έχω λείψει για πολλά χρόνια από το μέρος που γεννήθηκα, την Ελλάδα, και ιδιαίτερα την Καλαμάτα.
It’s called “Nostalgia” and I would like to dedicate it to you. / Το κομμάτι λέγεται “Νοσταλγία” και θα ήθελα να σας το αφιερώσω.

~ Nostalgia by Yanni (Live at the Acropolis)

nuno felted scarf -Nostalgia-         nuno felted scarf -Nostalgia-

nuno felted scarf -Nostalgia-

This nuno-felted scarf consists of chiffon silk (100%) in blackberry colour and extra-fine (18 mic) merino wool from Australia and New Zealand in a punch of colours; teal, blue-green, turquoise, aquamarine, light blue, red, deep red, blackberry, yellow, mustard yellow and black colours! Additionally extra fine mulberry silk threads in blackberry are used in order to offer a shiny effect which adopts different hues depending on the natural light. The blackberry chiffon silk is used as a basis for the scarf and the wool is applied on the top in order to create the patterning.

nuno felted scarf -Nostalgia-         nuno felted scarf -Nostalgia-

nuno felted scarf -Nostalgia-

The scarf is created with the wet felting technique. The distinction between this nuno-felted scarf and a simple felted item is that it contains also a different material except from wool, i.e. silk. It measures approximately 160 cm (63in) length and 35-40 cm (13.8-15.7in) width.

The combination of wool in thin layers and silk gives a very light and airy; sometimes even sheer fabric!

As all scarves made by QaraQul also this one is a unique piece!

Price: 155 USD (excl. shipping costs)


nuno felted scarf -Nostalgia-

nuno felted scarf -Nostalgia-

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