felted flower brooche -wild orchid-

felted flower brooch -wild orchid- “And if you didn’t
want to play, Emily…
you wouldn’t be here.
You don’t touch…
so you’re touching through me.
You don’t feel…
so you’re feeling through me.
Is that it?
I can’t begin to tell you
what I’m feeling right now.
Show me.
I’m not going to hurt you.
It’s OK.”

~ excerpt from the movie “wild orchid”

felted flower brooch -wild orchid-

This –wild orchid- flower brooch is hand felted all together in 2 layers with extra-fine merino wool from New Zealand and Australia in orange, yellow, deep red and green colors. Also mulberry silk in blonde yellow is used to brighten up the flower. No “felt cutting ready-made flower”, no glue and no stitches, except on its back on which a safety pin is adjusted and felted over with green wool. The flower measures approximately 13-23 cm (5.1-9.1 in) diameter since it is asymmetrical and 55 cm (21.7 in) circumference.

felted flower brooch -wild orchid-

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