felted neck warmer -ultraviolet-

felted neck warmer -ultraviolet-

felted neck warmer -ultraviolet-

Sometimes I feel like I don’t know
Sometimes I feel like checkin’ out
I wanna get it wrong
Can’t always be strong
And love it won’t be long
Oh sugar, don’t you cry
Oh child, wipe the tears from your eyes
You know I need you to be strong
And the day is as dark as the night is long
Feel like trash, you make me feel clean
I’m in the black, can’t see or be seen

Baby, baby, baby…light my way…

~ U2 – Ultraviolet (Light My Way) by U2

felted neck warmer -ultraviolet-

felted neck warmer -ultraviolet-

felted neck warmer -ultraviolet-

felted neck warmer -ultraviolet-

This neck warmer is made of extra fine merino wool from Australia (18 mic) in violet colour and decorated also with extra fine merino wool from Australia in a punch of colours; violet, purple, teal, blue-green, light blue, orange and yellow.

The neck warmer is created with the wet felting technique, one of the earliest forms of textile processing, which was spread by Asian nomadic tribes started all over the continent thousands of years ago. The neck warmer fits all sizes and it measures approximately 66 cm (26 in) circumference and 26cm (10.2 in) width.

felted neck warmer -ultraviolet-

felted neck warmer -ultraviolet-

felted neck warmer -ultraviolet-

felted neck warmer -ultraviolet-

When you are active during the winter, either with sports or with everyday-life you will find this neck warmer practical and warmer than you imagine!

Enjoy the winter coming!

Price: 69.50 USD (excl. shipping costs)


felted neck warmer -ultraviolet-

felted neck warmer -ultraviolet-

Payment Methods

You can pay via PayPal by clicking on the button “BUY NOW!”, if you have a PayPal account. Otherwise you can pay with your debit or credit card by clicking on the button “BUY NOW!” (no need for PayPal account) and then choosing “Don’t have a PayPal account” (the instructions will lead you to “Check out”). For more info here!

4 thoughts on “felted neck warmer -ultraviolet-

  1. Your felted work is beautiful. I work with wool, (more of a spinner) but I have been experimenting with felting recently. I love that there are so many ways that wool can be used, (and very warm too!)

    Do you felt your tubes, (neck warmers and arm warmers) as tubes or do you felt them flat then stitch them? Also, do the arm warmers have a bit of stretch in them or do they have to fit the person? Sorry about all the questions, I am not looking for trade secrets, just curious!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words about my work! I agree that wool is a material which can be used in many different ways maintaining its basic attributes softness and warmness. All tube shaped items such as neck and arm warmers I make them in one piece without stitching them at the end. The joining takes place during the process. The arm warmers, that I make, fit a medium size hand, however the elasticity of wool produces a pliable result. When given specific hand dimensions then I create something accordingly. I hope I gave you an idea!:-)

      • Thanks for the advice. When I was testing some wool for felting I made small strips, the result was nice but very small to be usable. I liked the way they felt for wrist warmers, but I had never seen felted wrist warmers. Just shows that we should go with what our heart’s say and not necessarily what is “out there”. Still it is good to see what other people are doing and be inspired.

        Felting is quite new here in Chile, but becoming more popular.

        Thanks again.

  2. You are very welcome! I always had the impression that felting was something traditional for the countries of Latin America since they produce a lot of wool! So I am a bit surprised to listen that it is something “quite new”! Anyway, I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to pursue!:-)

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