felted arm warmers -Enigmas-

felted arm warmers -Enigmas-

felted arm warmers -Enigmas-

“…I say to you that the ocean knows it, the life
of its circlings vast as the sands, pure and innumerable,
and between the red vine-clusters, time has brightened
the stone of the petals, the light of medusas,
and the branches are threshed in the web of the corals,
from the flowing horn’s infinite nacre.
I am the empty net that hangs,
beyond men, rendered dead by the shadowy waters,
fingers grown used to the triangle, measured
by the shy hemisphere of orange-flowers…”

~ Enigmas by Pablo Neruda

felted arm warmers -Enigmas-

felted arm warmers -Enigmas-

felted arm warmers -Enigmas-

felted arm warmers -Enigmas-

This pair of arm warmers is made of Australian and New Zealander extra-fine merino wool in orange, deep red, red and yellow colours. Additionally mulberry silk threads in blonde yellow are used to decorate them and to offer a shiny effect. Their edges are uneven and they can be worn inside out; one side covered with the patterning that you see on the photos and the other simply with green wool. They can be worn till the middle part of the hand as half gloves.

They measure approximately 25 cm (9.8 in) length and 9 cm (3.5 in) width (flat). They fit most wrists however they can be reshaped (smaller or larger) with the use of warm water.

Stay comfortable and warm during the winter!

Price:  51.50 USD (excl. shipping costs)


felted arm warmers -Enigmas-

felted arm warmers -Enigmas-

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