cobweb felted scarf -Joy of Darkness-

cobweb felted scarf- Joy of Darkness-

cobweb felted scarf -Joy of Darkness-

Going at random in the night without a destination, route and ending vision,
without a ray of light without moon and matches,
walking blind, touching blind, being blind
I dreamt that joy abandoned me
Joy was there and I was her true self

This unique scarf came as a spontaneous and surprising answer to my colourful self after a walk in the night! Always inspired by colourful soundings, creating always with a head full of colour, this time I just wanted to mirror the elegance, beauty and mysticism of darkness!

cobweb felted scarf -Joy of Darkness-

cobweb felted scarf -Joy of Darkness-

cobweb felted scarf -Joy of Darkness-

cobweb felted scarf -Joy of Darkness-

This breezy and loose scarf is made with the cobweb felting technique which also involves soapy water, wool and a lot of patience! Most of its parts are transparent with some small holes thus creating a spider net look. This is the fascinating part about the cobweb felt which makes it unique.

For the scarf were used two very thin layers of black extra-fine merino wool from Australia and a large quantity of mulberry silk threads again in black in order to offer a shiny effect which adopts different hues depending on the natural light.

It measures approximately 150 cm (59.1 in) length and 30-35 cm (11.8 -13.8 in) width. It is a bit narrower in the middle in order to be wrapped better around the neck and on the edges wider! Its surface is uneven depending on the distribution of wool and silk! Where the wool is in larger quantity the surface becomes smooth and dull, where the silk prevails the texture becomes irregular and ruffle however shiny!

Its transparent surface allows the colour of your top to be partly visible and combined with a contrasting colour can give an enchanting effect! It feels soft and smooth and it looks airy and imaginary like a walk in absolute darkness!

cobweb felted scarf -Joy of Darkness-

cobweb felted scarf -Joy of Darkness-

Thank you Joy!

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